Monday 24th January – Free all day
Tuesday 25th January – Free all day
Wednesday 26th January – Free all day
Thursday 27th January – Free all day
Friday 28th January – Free all day
Saturday 29th January – Free until 5
Sunday 30th January – Free all day

All appointments are on the day only, phone on from 7am (yes really), I am free from 9am-6pm, evening appointments after 6pm are with people I have seen before only. I am a morning person getting up at 6am every day, so I prefer daytime if possible.

Also I am getting more people, mostly who have not seen me before want to make advance bookings, this is not possible, 99% of you will cancel despite promising me you wont, people even promise to pay their session fee in full if they mess me around and can’t make it. I have been doing this full time since December 2006 and only one person has made good on their word in all these years and paid it. An advance booking even with a huge deposit is as likely to cancel as one made with no deposit, and cancellations are usually at the last minute, by which time I have turned a days worth of people away. Also, some people get annoyed that I wont carry their deposit over to another booking, despite the fact they cancelled at the last second, giving me aggravation I dont want or need. So for now, it is still all on the day.