Availability 23rd-29th April

Monday 23rd – Free until 5pm
Tuesday 24th – Free until 5pm
Wednesday 25th – Free until 5pm
Thursday 26th – Free all day
Friday 27th – Starting from 12.30 (I can answer my phone before 9 and after 12)
Saturday 28th – Free until 5
Sunday 29th – Free all day

As always my availability looks good as I take 99% of my appointments on the day,
please call early to get the time you want, I really do turn my phone on at 7am and people call me then before work I like to know early so I can plan my day out. I dont back to back session or try and fit lots of people in to a day preferring to do this at a more relaxed pace.
Want a post 5pm appointment? – Let me know as early as possible and remember the M25 and most other roads round here are absolute hell during the rush hour, please allow more time to get to me than you think you will need, then add on an extra 30 minutes, and you will probably arrive on time.

Also Ben, send me an update on your diet progress. I cant wait to hear.