Here is my availability for the week ahead.

Monday May 22nd – Free from 9am-6pm

Tuesday May 23rd – Free from 9am-6pm

Wednesday May 24th – Free from 9am-6pm

Thursday May 25th – Free from 9am-6pm

Friday May 26th- Free from 9am-6pm

Saturday May 27th – Free from 9am-10am

Sunday May 28th – Free from 9am-6pm

If you need a shower before or after your session, try and let me know in advance so I can put on the water heating.

Had a Heart attack/Stroke/Other related condition and on medication that makes you bruise easily?, please warn me of this, there will be things I cannot do in sessions.  I am only mentioning this as the amount of people coming to see me with these issues has gone through the roof, please warn me in advance if this is an issue.

Roadworks – Please check before you travel, there are ongoing roadworks in Farnborough, which may delay you getting to me.


Bank Transfer/Cash Struggles
I am now able to take payment via bank transfer, either at the start of the session or in advance of it even if you are coming to see me for the first time. I have tested this method and it is instant for both of us. I have a boring business name that sounds nothing like what I do, and a million results come up on google when you type it in, so totally discreet.

Unfortunately cash is dying a fast death, how many of you use it anymore?, apart from when you see me!  The amount of cash I can bank in a month with my bank has now been drastically decreased by 60% so taking payment this way is really helpful, banking cash now means a train trip, and a 10 minute walk there and back to the bank, taking around 2 and a half hours to do a week per trip, I am also charged high fees to do this. Due to what I do I can’t use a regular high street bank. However, if you still want to pay with cash that is fine as I understand for some there is no other way they can pay my tribute.  If anyone reading knows any other ways I can take payment which are cashless and do not involve crypto, and allow people in my industry to use them I would be very interested.

Also a reminder that the Online Safety Bill, liked by both the Conservatives & Labour is still going through parliament, a bill which could stop me advertising online, too many are still looking up my number each and every time they call me.  Make sure you save the numbers of anyone you visit,  if the bill does go through it will probably be at some point next year.  I have deliberately made my website very tame, with no nudity, and do very well advertising in this way.  Hopefully sites like mine will continue to be allowed.