Availability 21st-27th May

Monday 21st – Free all day
Tuesday 22nd – Free all day
Wednesday 23rd – Free all day
Thursday 24th – Free all day
Friday 25th – Free all day
Saturday 26th – Free until 5.30
Sunday 29th – Free all day
As always my availability looks great at 99% of people call me on the day. Phone is on from 7am, please call early to get the time you want.

I went out for a while today and enjoyed the weather, did a bit of shopping, only to get back and found I had missed my new underwear and matching lace dress which arrived at lunch time. Will pick it up on Monday, cant wait to try it on.

Had another great week, someone arrived with a lovely big bag of fresh nettles, usually I just like to dust the cock and balls with them, but this time my mean streak came out and I put him in a big pair of pink panties, and stuffed them down the back, and poked his poor little bum hole with them, oh how he squealed, and I laughed, then I inserted a vibrating egg vibrator up there, and gave him a deep heat ball massage. Not feeling satisfied with all that, out came the electro strap-on. Lots of E-stim this week, I keep reminding people that I can take it up to 85%, to make them feel bad that they can only manage about 40.