Availability 1st-7th October

Monday 1st – Free all day
Tuesday 2nd – Free all day
Wednesday 3rd – Free all day
Thursday 4th – Free all day
Friday 5th – Free all day
Saturday 6th – Not available
Sunday 7th – Free until 6pm

As always my availability is good because 99% of people book me on the day, please call as early as you can to get the time you want, phone on from 7am. For appointments at 9 or 10am, please call me as close to 7am as possible to give me time to get to the venue I use (this place is used exclusively by me, I DO NOT share with other ladies).

What a lovely end to the month, I was visited by the queen of the sissy’s, well she is to me anyway, I have never met anyone with such beautiful outfits, and a lifestyle approach to it. She sleeps in girly floral bedding, and wears ladies panties under her mans clothes daily. In my dreams I will live in a large mansion, with no neighbours in vast grounds, where I can be waited on by sissy maids like her, fluttering around my palatial palace, even being forced to answer the door to the couriers delivering all my internet shopping. Unfortunately unless I win the Euromillions this week, it’s not going to happen, my ideal Sunningdale mansion would be around £15million, so a little above my price range. Oh well, I can dream.