As requested, I have posted my availability for the rest of the month, remember I cant answer my phone to take enquiries or advance bookings between 15th-17th Feb.

Monday 18th – Free all day

Tuesday 19th – Free all day unil 5.30**

Wednesday 20th – Free all day**

Thursday 21st – Free from 11 (my first session of the day will start after 11, If you want to book on this day, I cant answer the phone between 9-10am)

Friday 22nd – Free all day

Saturday 23rd – I can only do between 9-10am on this day, not available after that time.

Sunday 24th – Free all day

Monday 25th – Free all day

Tuesday 26th – Free all day

Wednesday 27th – Free all day

Thursday 28th – Free all day

** I have to go out at some point on these two days, if you are a regular client and can give me a definate advance booking, which is 100% certain with no possibility of cancellation, I can take it without a deposit for these two days, advance notice would really help me out. If you cant do this, feel free to to call me as normal on the day.

As always my availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day. Please call early to get the time you want, my phone is on from 7am, for 9-10am bookings please call as close to 7am as possible. Evening bookings please give me as much notice as possible.