Availability 18th– 24th March

Monday 18th – Free all day

Tuesday 19th – Free all day

Wednesday 20th – Free all day

Thursday 21st– Free all day

Friday 22nd – Free all day

Saturday 23rd – Free until 6

Sunday 24th – Free all day

As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from 7am, for appointments at 9am, please call as close to 7am as possible so I have enough time to get ready. 99% of my sessions are booked on the day, no deposit is required for same day bookings.

Advance bookings are welcome, but I take a deposit to confirm these.  My cancellation rate for on the day bookings is almost 0, my cancellation rate for advance bookings without a deposit, even from regular clients is almost 100% this is why I have to be so strict on how I work.

A very enjoyable week so far, Cowboy Chris came to see me yesterday. I haven’t seen him for a few months. As usual he wanted the strap on the palms of his hands and it was my pleasure to put him through his paces. I wish you could see him, dressed in his cowboy boots dancing around the punishment room waving his hands in the air and blowing on his palms in between strokes. He is besotted by dominant women, and even more bizarrely, by my brown leather Irish school strap which was used on him regularly when he was at school. Now in those days he didn’t take his punishment naked but somehow his fantasy has evolved into him wearing nothing other than cowboy boots and a black leather belt around his waist whilst standing, hand outstretched for his discipline. It is a sort of hallmark, a kind of brand image so that all mistresses will remember him. There was no happy ending in his case though, as after 12 strokes on each hand I dismissed him with red stinging palms.

Also a fun, evening cold caning session, a long one, lost count of the strokes, I do that maybe, once a year if that, cold caning marks very badly, due to no warm up.