Availability 16th – 22nd April

Monday 16th – Free from 11am (I can answer the phone before 9 and after about 10)
Tuesday 17th – Free all day
Wednesday 18th – Free all day
Thursday 19th – Free all day
Friday 20th – Free all day
Saturday 21st – Free until 6pm
Sunday 22nd – Free all day

My availability looks good as 99% of people call me on the day to arrange a session, phone is on from 7am, call me nice and early to get the time you want.

What a fantastic week, so much spanking, precision spanking, I really love accurate symmetrical marks, as people who see me will know a lovely thorough warm up, creating 2 target red circles on the bum, then working my way up in severity of equipment. I had to replace a spanking strap lately I used it so much I am sure it went from being 5mm thick to 3, which really is not good, so a nice new one was bought.

People turning up with amazing underwear underneath their male clothes, body stockings, holdups, tarty panties, you name it. One thing I really like is nice underwear, as my visitors will know, I really like the good stuff, I will be doing a clear out soon though and giving some away, no doubt someone will try and squeeze into them, actually they will probably just rub their cock all over them or both!

Strap on lying on the back in stirrups seems to be getting more popular, so just ask me if you want to try that position, my legs used to ache the next day after doing it as the piece of equipment I use is a little too low for me, due to my long legs, so I have to squat down to do it, so a bit of a test of strength, as is lying on top of someone doing it, when they are face down on my treatment couch, a tough upper body workout, like doing non stop press ups for 10 minutes. I’ve never been in better shape thanks to my strap-on.