Here is my availability for in person sessions as well as online sessions, Please only call me if you have seen me before, I will update on this blog when I can see new people.

I am glad to be back to full time sessioning after 3 and a half months off. I am happy to start seeing you all again.

Monday 13th – Free all day
Tuesday 14th – Free from 5.30 (possibly earlier, will post on here when I know)
Wednesday 15th – Free all day
Thursday 16th – Free from 9-11 or after 5.30
Friday 17th – Free all day
Saturday 18th – Free all day
Sunday 19th – Free all day

Polite(ish) Notice:
During the lockdown I received no government help, despite paying a fortune in tax and declaring what I earn so please bear in mind that if you cancel I cannot go back in a time machine and retrieve that time and give the slot to someone else, please only arrange a session if you can definitely make it, cancelling an appointment last minute will mean all future appointments, even on the day will require a 50% non refundable deposit with no exceptions. I have had to write this due to the extreme amount of timewasting I have had today on my first day back, and total lack of respect shown to me as a self employed person.

**All advance bookings require a 50% deposit with absolutely no exceptions, only call me to arrange this if you are 100% sure you can make it, I can’t hold the deposit over for another time or date if you cant make it when you say you can**