My availability for the week ahead.

Monday 13th – Free all day

Tuesday 14th – Free all day

Wednesday 15th – Free all day

Thursday 16th – Free all day

Friday 17th – Free all day

Saturday 18th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 19th – Free all day

As always call on the day you want to come, 99% of my appointments are made on the day, which is why my availability is so good.

Evening appointments

I will be changing my website to reflect this, evening appointments (after 6pm) will only be available to regular clients.  Anyone new wanting to see me on an evening will have to pay a deposit.


Also, I thought I should mention this, please use a seperate phone to book me to your normal phone if you are married or have a partner, go out and buy a cheap pay as your go sim/cheap phone/old phone, and use this phone to book appointments.  I had someones wife call this week asking who I was, I claimed I was answering my husbands phone, did she want me to put him on, and she then put the phone down.  I had a very apologetic call the next day from my client, and found out his wife had got hold of his phone and googled all the numbers and found out exactly what he had been up to.  I wish this was the first time this had happened but sadly it is not, I would never confess to what I do to anyone over the phone, but if they put my number into google, up come my adverts.