Monday 11th – Free all day

Tuesday 12th – Free all day

Wednesday 13th – Free all day

Thursday 14th – Free from 12 (to book me on this day, call before 9.30, or after 11.30)

Friday 15th – Free all day

Saturday 16th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 17th – Free all day

As always, call early to get the time you want for same day bookings, phone on from 7am, first session at 9am, please call as close to 7am if you want a 9am appointment to give me time to get ready. Availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the day.

To book me in advance please read the instructions at my advance booking terms apply to both long standing clients and new clients.

Great week this week, yesterday a session that tested my strength, strap on with my victim lying face down with me on top of them, and I loved watching us in the big mirror while I was doing it, felt very naughty. It was a full body workout, a very enjoyable one. Also a very enjoyable CBT session with someone who really has balls of steel.

One of the things I love doing is working out, 40 minutes on the nordic track cross trainer at the highest level 6 days a week followed by a 2* weight training sessions a week at 7am nice and early. Then a very hot sauna to recover once a week.

I am running out of things to watch on Netflix/Amazon/Sky, recommendations are always welcome, just no romantic comedies please. Thrillers welcome.