Availability 11th June – 17th June
Monday 11th – Free all day
Tuesday 12th – Free all day
Wednesday 13th – Free until 3pm
Thursday 14th – Free all day
Friday 15th – Free all day
Saturday 17th – Free until 6pm
Sunday 18th – Free from 9-10.30 then free only after 5pm

As always, my availability looks good as most people call me on the day, my phone is on from 7am. Please call early to get the time you want.

It has been a very entertaining week, trampling someone and crushing them under my 5inch stilettos I really enjoyed myself doing that, mean caning, making fun of little peenies, teasing them, stroking them over silky knickers and of course electrocuting them for being so small I bought in some more ass less panties for strap on, red and black, as well as 2 slutty dresses, made of fishnet and lace, that really don’t hide anything.