Availability 11th-17th Dec


Monday 11th – Free all day

Tuesday 12th – Free all day

Wednesday 13th – Free all day

Thursday 14th – Free all day

Friday 15th – Free all day

Saturday 16th -Free until 6pm

Sunday 17th – Free all day

As always, call early to get the time you want, my availability is good as 99% of people call me on the day.

Sessions after 6pm with regular clients only.



The days I am taking off for Christmas are the 25th and 26th December, I am around all the other days.  Taking time off during the cold and wet time of the year is not really much fun, unless your flying off somewhere hot and sunny.

Trains/Engineering Works

To those who want to see me coming by train, I am still insisting on a deposit as most using this form of transport are late and their sessions are cancelled, also most dont look up the timetables and notice engineering works, 2 people this week wanted to come on the train, not realizing that when they got to the station it would be a bus, and it would take over double the time.  Proving my point.