Here is my availability for the week ahead.

Monday July 10th – Free from 9am-6pm

Tuesday July 11th – Free from 9am-6pm

Wednesday July 12th – Free from 9am – 3pm

Thursday July 13th – Free from 9-6pm

Friday July 14th- Free from 9am-6pm

Saturday July 16th – Free from 9am – 10am only

Sunday July 16th – Free from 9am-6pm


Easy Booking System

To book, just call me on the day via the phone, no texts, calls only.  No deposit is required.  I do not accept bookings in advance.

Payment by bank transfer (preferred method) or cash.   Please only use cash to pay me if you are unable to do a bank transfer as it is hard and expensive to bank cash, I am still happy to take it however.


A Note On Cash

Some coming to see me understandably only want to pay in cash which is fine with me if you cant do a bank transfer.   They admit that they don’t use it anywhere else and tell me so, each and every time they visit which makes me very fed up .  I have had many cash payers praise the demise of cash to me as they think it will stop money laundering and criminal gangs, I ask them how they will then pay me if cash dies, they then give me a blank look, the truth is they wont be able to see me, or anyone else for that matter.

If you pay me in cash, please use it elsewhere, use it or loose it, GB news have a petition and campaign to keep it, “Which” have also done a lot of work on this.  The next person to praise the demise of cash and tell me they have gone cashless, then proceed to pay me in cash will get 20 very hard cane strokes, you have been warned!