I have had some new pictures taken, and they should appear on the site this week or next!  A very small preview is below.


For those who still pay me in cash, bear in mind that G4S workers are going on strike in December, this could mean it is hard to get any cash from the bank or ATM at some point. It may be worth planning ahead if you want to see me next month, link to news story below.

News Article

For those who come to see me by train, strikes are on throughout December on the 13th, 14th, 16th and 17th, please do not attempt to travel to see me on any of those dates via the train. In my experience the national rail website will show services running, which may not actually run, once you get to the station.

Paper Notes

For all my overseas visitors who have not been to the UK since before the pandemic, paper notes are no longer legal tender, I cant take them, sorry.



Apologies to anyone who contacted me on my birthday and got no reply, I had the worst migraine attack I have had in years, and had to take my emergency medication, which took longer than normal to kick in, resulting in 2 days of pain.  All back to normal now.