Still here, still healthy, as is everyone I know, luckily all through this time. Does anyone else feel like this past week you have been living in an episode of “Black Mirror” or the “Twilight zone”?

However, Things are looking better every week as regards the coronavirus, I read in The Telegraph, no deaths are reported today in London according to NHS figures. I really hope this continues, and that I can get back to work in July.

I am hoping people will still be able to get out and enjoy the summer virus free, and things can go back to normal soon for the sake of everyone’s health, sanity and economy.

I went in to a shop this week, stupidly not opting for the click and collect option, to be met with a queue, then a complicated system to get around the store, then having to walk all the way down to the other end to pay, as they had blocked all but one way to get to the till. The silly thing was this is a shop that’s never crowded, and has plenty of room even on a busy weekend, I can understand it in somewhere that tends to get crowded, but this felt over the top. Internet shopping all the way from now on.

Webcam and phone chat still available, call me for details.

Wishing everyone a great week.