Third week of staying in, I have now got used to it, but have a long list of things I am going to do as soon as this is all over, mostly going out to eat and seeing people in person instead of online. My Easter Egg timing went wrong and I ordered online too late for Easter Sunday, then I tried going out to buy something and was met with a terrible queue, so gave up, I didn’t want to stand outside in the heat with no shade, I burn as soon as I look at the sun.

I should have posted this earlier, but I am around for Webcam and phone chat over Easter Weekend, feel free to call for details, I am available for webcam from 10am-7pm, and phone chat upto 10pm.

“Better Call Saul” on Netflix has been so funny, dark but funny. On to episode 3 of the Putin documentary which is very interesting.

So I am still here, and well, fingers crossed everyone reading this is too.

Mistress Rose

Hampshire Surrey Mistress