Still here, still well, as is everyone I know thank goodness, and long may it continue.
It has been so lovely and warm today, so I spent a bit of time outdoors, and went into the town centre, with the amount of people and traffic around, you would never know there was anything wrong, so it’s nice to see things very slowly starting to get back to normal(ish).

Lots of cuddles with my big furry cat, looking online at holidays for next year, I know it’s a long way, but I can plan. Next I have to try and get some pink paint to decorate a special spanking paddle for a certain sissy, but the queues are incredible, I mean really huge at B&Q, so I will have to plan my visit at the quietest time of day.

Lots of webcam and phone chat, which has been fun, so nice to keep up with everyone 🙂