I promised this for a few people this week.

Friday 6th – Wank allowed AM
Saturday 7th – Nothing
Sunday 8th – Wank until close, then stop
Monday 9th – Wank allowed PM
Tuesday 10th – Nothing
Wednesday 11th – Wank until close, then stop
Thursday 12th – Nothing
Friday 13th – Wank and then eat it!

Cowboy Chris
At the start of the week, Cowboy showed up for one of his 6th former ritual discipline sessions of six of the best. His appearance allowed me to try out my new “boss” outfit which of course is perfect to stimulate the role play of a college teacher. From time to time I do receive feedback regarding these blogs about Cowboy and his activities, he does attract attention. Seeking to enhance his eccentric reputation Cowboy elected to receive his discipline adjacent to my front door if, for no other reason, than to paint a different picture in the minds of you the reader. I want you to imagine him, outfit and all (naked apart from boots and a belt), stood in my entrance hall adjacent to the front door, hand outstretched facing the black leather Irish strap as it impacted on his tingling palms. As to the expression on his face, once I had wiped the smile off it, like a goldfish in a tank, Cowboy was opening and closing his mouth, synchronized with the pain of my strict firm delivery. As ever a happy ending did not form part of Cowboy’s experience because happy endings were never a feature of sixth form. Instead I just sent him on his way with a flea in his ear, knowing he will go home and wank himself silly dreaming about my bosses outfit as his stinging hands run up and down his cock!