I am currently busier than normal, so if you want a session please call me as early as you can in the morning.  I don’t work back to back, or try and cram as many people as possible all in one long day, that would leave me a wreck, and I would end up doing a rubbish session.  Limited slots are available due to this.


A link I promised someone is below, who wanted to buy a hollow strap on.


Also, my guide to good anal lube.  In my experience Maximus water based lube is great, as is Spunk lube, which is a mixture of silicone and water, both are well tolerated and don’t sting.  Pure silicone lubes are great, but stain, however for really large toys I have to admit they work very well which is why I keep a supply In, but have to cover every surface to stop it marking. If anyone wants a bottle, but can’t risk getting it delivered to home, just ask me to order some in for you, I am constantly ordering it in, and can tag it on to my next order.


I ruined someone’s orgasm on Tuesday, he dared me to do it, and I did, then told him to go home and wank of to completion when he got in.  All that build up of a 2 hour session only to not cum properly, how evil and frustrating, stopping just as he starts to ejaculate and taking my hands away, his hands tied down and unable to rescue the situation.  It is rare I get asked to do that, as it’s so frustrating, but I couldn’t stop laughing at him when it happened.