I do love a good spanking session, I have over the years collected many implements, I only buy really good quality (from http://www.quality-control.co.uk), and am quite an anorak about it, I know all the dimensions of all the pieces and how the skin reacts to them, some mark more than others, and it can be how you use them, soft or hard. A good session starts with a good hand spanking, it’s always essential to warm up the skin to minimize marks, then slowly going harder, using a light leather strap or paddle, gradually increasing the weight and thickness of the equipment, until, if someone can take it, the cane. Not all canes are created equal, there are different weights, sizes, I can use a cane that marks slightly or badly. Then there is my victims reaction to my session, some even go into a state of relaxation, and look like the are asleep, others become immune and no matter how hard I hit, they don’t seem to react, others cry out in pain. One of the things that makes me smile when I do sessions is when people take my advice and by Speedo Endurance swimming trunks, if you have not seen these they look like something out of the 1980s, or something an Olympic swimmer would wear, they stop the skin cutting which is great as you can cane for far longer than usual, but you can still feel every stroke! Other things I love are when someone turns up in an outfit underneath their clothes to surprise me, a highlight last year was the most terrible pair of leopard brief’s apparently bought for a sex shop in the 90s (you know who you are), the bodystockings, panties and holdups, the list goes on.

If my blog has been a bit quiet this month, sorry about that, I have suffered with terrible Migraine headaches which I have had for many years, but got much worse recently, I have new medication for this and now they are more under control, but it has made it difficult to blog, hopefully I will be back to my normal self now and can do this weekly. Also thanks’ for the lovely phone calls, and the person who contacted me today, giving me inspiration for my blog, it gave me the kick I needed to do this and I appreciate that.