Yes, this is a picture of my toilet brush! these metal toilet brush handles, yes the clean handle not the brush bit, along with certain vegetables must be the most popular home made sex toys.  It would appear that if you take the metal handle off, lots of people use this to stick up their ass and stimulate their prostate, one person even demonstrated to me how he could ejaculate just through doing that.  I always recommend buying toys made for the purpose, but if this is not possible, make sure whatever your using does not have sharp edges, is NOT made of glass or wood (splinters ouch!), or has a cap which could come off when you pull it out and get lodged up there.  Use a condom on it if possible, and make sure it’s clean.

When you talk to people in the medical profession, they always have lots of stories to tell when people have used dodgy objects, which they “fell on in the shower”.  Or about people getting parts of their anatomy stuck in something.

It’s been a lovely week, someone dancing to Lady Marmalade for me in a red thong, strap on and spanking, I am around all weekend, but for Sunday bookings please call as early as possible to arrange as I have to go out at some point.