I have been asked a good dildo to recommend to beginners, this is one of my favourites, it’s slimline and probably the smallest you can get to fit on a strap-on harness.

After a few people asked me, I finally ordered some leather look leggings, in a long length which is really hard to find, most online shops did not have my size in stock, or only had them in a normal leg length, they are not PVC, just a leather look, but they are nice and long and actually fit, just let me know if you want me to wear them.

Then I had another visit from Cowboy Chris, it has been quite a few months since he stood before me in his hallmark costume of cowboy boots, leather belt, and laced up balls. Although it’s an outfit very familiar to me I still find it very amusing. I was wearing my very popular black lady boss dress (Winsor London miracle dress), which was entirely appropriate for the role play. Cowboy is besotted with dominant woman and it was his specific request that I behaved as a totally nasty bitch, punishing him with 6 strokes on each hand with the leather strap. The discipline took place in various locations at a brisk pace, the stairs, the entrance hall and finally in front of my very large mirror. The latter enabled him to watch the pain on his face as he struggled to complete his ritual allocated number of strokes. He then left having had a good thrashing with sore hands!

Surrey Hampshire Mistress