15Jun 2013

Another busy week and very enjoyable 🙂

My availability for the upcoming week is good, and I am free every day next week from Monday 17th to Sunday 23rd (apart from the evening of the 22nd), so just call on the day to arrange as usual.



12Jun 2013

I am rather unusual In that I take same day appointments and appointments in advance only with a deposit, I do this full time and I don’t have kids or another job, so no need to sort out child care or work restrictive hours.  This means that so far this year I have had 1 cancellation, and that was someone who booked last minute and cancelled minutes after he had booked, not really causing me any inconvenience.

I have lost count of the people coming to see me commenting on how other mistresses they see have a terrible time with people messing them around, cancelling by text half an hour before the appointment etc, week in week out, to the point where they start sessioning less or have to start charging deposits for all their sessions.  This is exactly why I do everything same day, meaning I don’t have these problems.

More people are calling trying to book me in advance, and then confirm in the morning, which is fine, but if another person calls earlier than you, I will take that session as in my experience people who book even a day in advance tend to either not confirm, or change the time, only a small percentage actually confirm for the time and date they said they would, also what if you just don’t feel like it, get called into work on your day off ? at least if you arrange on the day this is unlikely to happen, and this means a lot less stress for the both of us.

My system works really well for most of my clients (I have been working this way for years)  but a few genuine people will be reading this getting annoyed that they can’t book a definite time without a deposit in advance, however if I worked that way I would do a fraction of the sessions I am currently doing due to being messed around .  Lots of people like the fact my phone is on from 7am as they can call and arrange before work so my phone really does starting ringing from that time.




11Jun 2013

I am around this week, 11th-16th June, apart from Saturday evening.  As 99.9% of my appointment bookings are on the day via the phone, there is no need to call to check availability in advance, just call as early as you can on the day to arrange.

The 02 mast has been playing up again meaning people calling me are not always getting through, so please try my other number if you cant get through on  07788 124326.  I have also put a recorded message on my main number so if you don’t get connected it will let you know to try my other number.

If you have allergy/intolerance to latex, I have nitrile gloves and Skyns Latex free condoms for all my toys, just tell me when you arrange a session.



07Jun 2013


Yes, I really do have people come for teeny weeny peenie humiliation sessions, something I have always loved, so much so that I thought I would put a picture on here taken during a session yesterday.  I am thinking of adding a condition to this particular type of session booking though, all victims must bring walnut whips with them, so I can compare their tiny peenies to them to add to their humiliation.




03Jun 2013

I have just ordered a few new dresses, and panties online for sessions, I am looking forward to them arriving and some of you modelling them for me, yes they are not for me but for those of you who like to dress up, they should arrive sometime this week.  I am having a bit of a clear-out and getting rid of some of the older stuff I have.  All the dresses are stretchy and should fit most sizes, I cant wait for them to arrive.



02Jun 2013

I will now be posting availability updates on my blog to let people know if there are times I am not free in a particular week.

I am normally available 7 days, apart from Saturday evening, but occasionally I take days off, if I do this it is normally on a Saturday or Sunday which are the quietest days of the week for me.

This week I am around as normal from 9am-10pm every day, apart from Thursday 6th June where I will be free from 8.30am-9.30am (yes some people do come and see me that early) and then all day from 1pm.

The faulty 02 mast seems to have been fixed and my phone signal is back to normal, I do now have a 2nd booking number on my website just in case it happens again.



01Jun 2013

Saturdays are normally the quietest day of the week for me, so I took the day off from mid day, doing one session nice and early this morning.  I got home to find 7 missed calls, and there was me thinking the hot weather would put people off coming!.  If you do want weekend appointments it is best to let me know before mid day if at all possible.


29May 2013

02 have a mast down in my area meaning I am not always contactable on my main number until it’s fixed and the fault is intermittant, if you cant get through on 07590468440 try 07788124326 which is vodaphone so not affected.


28May 2013

Well the bank holiday weekend went really well, busier than normal, usually they are very quiet.  Also some much appreciated chocolates which I am rationing myself.

I have had a few people ask me where are the best places to buy outfits for sessions, in my experience for maid and sissy outfits Birch Place http://shop.birchplace.net/ it sells the most amazing dresses, great quality, and so many different designs to choose from.  I have bought outfits from there for sessions myself, they will also make things to your own measurements should you need it.

As for slutty tight trashy clothing, just type “cheap dress uk” into google and so many sites will appear, some selling dresses for as little as £5 if you want something to wear once or twice then bin, it is perfect, always look at the size chart on the site before you buy and try and get something with a lot of stretch in it.  Cotton jersey and polyester jersey fabrics or anything with lycra in are a good choice.  Dresses are great for sessions as you can just pull them up and down really quickly.

As for stockings and holdups, you cant beat Marks And Spencer, the quality is fantastic, and I buy no other brand, the prices are good too.

To anyone who had trouble getting through on my phone recently, I had to factory re-set it, it was switching off for no reason and not connecting all of my calls, sometimes it took me a while to notice it had turned itself off, so people were calling and getting a phone not available message.  The phone is being sent back to be fixed tomorrow, so using my old one in the meantime, still the same number 07590 468440.