11Feb 2018

Availability 12th-18th Feb

Monday 12th – Free all day
Tuesday 13th – Free all day
Wednesday 14th – Free all day
Thursday 15th – Free all day
Friday 16th – Free all day
Saturday 17th – Free until 6pm
Sunday 18th – only available from 9-10am

As always please call as early as you can on the day to get the time you want, 99% of people book me this way and this is why my availability looks so good, phone on from 7am. For 9 or 10am appointments please let me know as close to 7am as possible.


06Feb 2018

I tried the E-Stim on myself again last night, as I always say if I can dish it out, I must be able to take it too, so I lay down attached the electrodes it up, and got upto the 80s, yes really!, started at 20% then went higher and higher. It was great going through all the modes and how they all felt different. I did do this quite a while ago, but needed to try again and see if I could get higher which I did, much more than I thought I would.

Wanking Schedule (as promised for S)
Wednesday 7th – To wank over the ballbusting video I mentioned in my phone call. No orgasm
Thursday 8th – No wanking
Friday 9th – No Wanking
Saturday 10th – Weekend off
Sunday 11th – Weekend off
Monday 12th – Wank over the ballbusting video again and no orgasm.
Tuesday 13th – Same as above
Wednesday – Wank and cum


04Feb 2018

Availability 5th-11th Feb

Monday 5th – Free all day
Tuesday 6th – Free all day
Wednesday 7th – Free all day
Thursday 8th – Free until 2.30, then free after 5.30
Friday 8th – Free all day
Saturday 9th – Free until 6pm
Sunday 10th – Free all day
As always please call early to get the time you want phone on from 7am, appointments between 9-10am, please call as close to 7am as possible so I have plenty of notice.
My availability looks good at 99% of people call me on the day.

I have restocked with silicone cock rings, also replaced the inflatable dildo, due to the previous one having sprung a leak after I managed to get it tangled up in my hoover!


30Jan 2018

So, I thought I would look back at this month session wise.

Ben – How is the diet going, remember the penalty if you don’t make your target, I need you to contact me and update me on your progress, you better be lifting weights and not just doing cardio, I want to see muscle tone when I next see you.

Sissy S – I do love receiving your pictures, it puts a smile on my face, you are the most dedicated Sissy I have ever met. Have you got the floral duvet cover yet?, you should not be sleeping in a bed with plain bed linen. I have seen some online that I think would be suitable, just let me know.

S Wanking Schedule, I may have to do you another one if you are up for it, I like remotely controlling your cock!

Lots of enjoyable sessions as usual, and I have been complimented on my strong right hand for spanking quite a few times, lots of teasing sessions as well, these are more psychologically painful for my victim, but such fun, I cant stop laughing when I do them as I enjoy the immense frustration it causes.

Also, for those of you who like to plan in advance, I am going to be busy between the 25th-27th of Feb so not free during those dates.


27Jan 2018

Availability 29th Jan – 4th February

Monday 29th – Free all day
Tuesday 30th – Free all day
Wednesday 31st – Free all day
Thursday 1st – Free all day
Friday 2nd – Free from 1pm, if you want to see me on this day please call before 9am or after 12.30pm
Saturday 3rd – Free all day
Sunday 4th – Free all day

Also a note on age verification, some of you might not be aware that from April, you will be asked to verify your age to watch porn/adult content. Someone who I greatly admire who is doing a lot of work on this subject is Pandora Blake, who has written on this here http://pandorablake.com/blog/ and also here https://www.patreon.com/pandorablake . I would really urge everyone to read up on this, and be informed, most people I talk to seem to be totally unaware of this at the moment. Sky news did a piece on this here https://news.sky.com/video/are-porn-companies-taking-advantage-of-new-age-regulations-11223835

What is daft about the whole thing, is that if you buy a VPN, which cost me all of about $39.99 (I used a site called “Privateinternetaccess”) you wont need to worry about any of this, because your browser will show you accessing from outside the UK, so you wont need to verify your age.


24Jan 2018

Someone bought a fantastic strap-on dildo with him this week that you can use on any harness, and connect to my E-Stim, called the Zeus Onyx, link below.

What I like is it is cheap at only £44.99, I have never seen a price that good for something like this making it affordable to now do elecro strap-on. For obvious reasons this toy cannot be shared as it cant be covered in a condom, but if any of you would like to bring one with you to use, or get me to buy one in for you, I would be happy to do so. This is not a small dildo though, so if you are interested, please take a look at the measurements first.


22Jan 2018

Availability 22nd-28th January

Monday 22nd – Free all day
Tuesday 23rd – Free all day
Wednesday 24th – Free all day
Thursday 25th – Not available
Friday 26th – Free all day
Saturday 27th – Free until 5.30
Sunday 28th – Free all day

As always call early to get the time you want, my phone is on from 7am. Appointments at 9 or 10am, please try and let me know as close to 7am as possible.


14Jan 2018

Availability 15th-21st January

Monday 15th – Free all day
Tuesday 16th- Free all day
Wednesday 17th – Free all day
Thursday 19th – Free all day
Friday 20th – Free until 5
Saturday 21st – Free until 7
Sunday 22nd – Free all day

As always my availability is good as 99% of people call me on the day, please call early to get the time you want, phone is on from 7am. Please call as close to 7am as you can if you want an early appointment at 9 or 10am.


10Jan 2018

Someone contacted me today to complain that they had recieved a text meant for me from a client of mine, the text was concerning a session, and sent to a number 1 digit different from mine. One of the many reasons I tell people to call instead, as this way you know you are talking to me. If you sent this please do not contact this person again and make sure you read the number off the website properly.



07Jan 2018

My availability for the week ahead.

Monday 8th – Free all day
Tuesday 9th – Free all day
Wednesday 10th – Free all day
Thursday 11th – Free all day
Friday 12th – Free all day
Saturday 13th – Free until 6pm
Sunday 14th – Free all day

As always my availability is good because 99% of people call me on the day, my phone is on from 7am. Please call as early as possible to get the time you want. Appointments at 9 or 10am, are best made as close to 7am as possible so I can make sure I am ready in time.