12Dec 2017

Today, I have very sore legs, a prolonged ass fucking session with my victim lying on his back legs in stirrups did that yesterday, my legs are getting more solid and muscular by the day thanks to people like him. I have already got to the hardest level on my Nordic Track cross trainer which when I first go it would have killed me.

More sissy photographs sent to me of one of my sissy girls in her new outrageous frilly costume, it inspired me to buy some pink examination gloves to use when I next see her, and any other sissy, much more humiliating than the black ones.

Music, do I play it in a session? well luckily as I am in a detatched property which is triple glazed I don’t really need it to drown out the noise from spanking etc, the only times I have played it is on request, using my amazon Alexa, who knows just about every song ever created. One of my favourite occasions, well several actually, is when I get a certain someone to lapdance for me to Brittany or Christina Aguilera for my amusement, I did try playing the Nolan sisters, but he had never heard of them, I just assumed everyone in the world knew “I’m in the mood for dancing”. So background music is not really something I put on, but if you want it, I can play just about anything.

Also quite a few wanting to book in advance without a deposit again, I have no requests for months, then they all come along at once, if I allowed this I would be doing half the sessions I currently do, due to cancellations and being messed about, so as I always say, on the day via the phone, or in advance with a deposit.

Also to my fellow Netflix/TV addicts, I re-watched Black Mirror again, which is fantastic, and new episodes are coming out in the New Year apparently, I just wish I had the imagination to write like that, I really love the episode with the prime minister and the pig, as well as San Junipero. Electric Dreams on Channel 4 was also good short stories by Philip K Dick, especially enjoyed the episode filmed at Woking station. Back in the 1980’s it was Tales of the Unexpected, which I watched again on Youtube and Sky, I wish they made more shows like that with short stories, there was one with Joan Collins I really enjoyed, as she is my inspiration when I play the lady boss. I am logged into Skygo binge watching Midnight Sun, which is also great. That’s the trouble these days, too much to watch, not enough time, I will end up with square eyes.


10Dec 2017

Availability 11th-17th Dec


Monday 11th – Free all day

Tuesday 12th – Free all day

Wednesday 13th – Free all day

Thursday 14th – Free all day

Friday 15th – Free all day

Saturday 16th -Free until 6pm

Sunday 17th – Free all day

As always, call early to get the time you want, my availability is good as 99% of people call me on the day.

Sessions after 6pm with regular clients only.



The days I am taking off for Christmas are the 25th and 26th December, I am around all the other days.  Taking time off during the cold and wet time of the year is not really much fun, unless your flying off somewhere hot and sunny.

Trains/Engineering Works

To those who want to see me coming by train, I am still insisting on a deposit as most using this form of transport are late and their sessions are cancelled, also most dont look up the timetables and notice engineering works, 2 people this week wanted to come on the train, not realising that when they got to the station it would be a bus, and it would take over double the time.  Proving my point.

This Week

It has been  a nice week, lots of variety, a certain sissy contacted me with more pictures, even now sleeping in floral ladies pyjamas at home, and waiting for her outrageously frilly sissy maid outfit which I cant wait to see her in as it’s so pink and over the top.  Lots of torment and edging, which is pleasant agony, painful spanking, ruined orgasms which are so cruel I burst out laughing when I do them, and of course forced cum eating.  Then plenty of strap on.

I woke up to the radio this morning to hear how terrible the snow was, even snow in London only to look out of my window and just see rain, not even a millimetre of snow thank goodness, lets hope the rest of the week is like that.



03Dec 2017

Availability 4th-10th December

Monday 4th – Free all day

Tuesday 5th – Free all day

Wednesday 6th – Free all day

Thursday 7th – Free all day

Friday 8th – Free all day

Saturday 9th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 10th – Free all day

As always call on the day as early as you can to get the time you want, my phone is on from 7am.  My availability is good as 99% of people call to arrange a session on the day.


Sad News

I had a very sad day on Saturday, and took the day off to recover, one of my cats sadly became very ill suddenly and passed away on Saturday morning, he had a peaceful death.  He had a hard time the last few months after having a leg amputated, he bounced back for a while, but in the last 2 weeks, I could see that although he was not in pain, he did not have long to go.  I took him in as a stray young cat and had him until he reached 9.  I would appreciate it if people would not mention him to me this week, as it will set me off, alot of people who come to see me are fellow animal lovers and we are always talking abour our cats and dogs and will ask about him, so thats why I am mentioning it.  I am still around and working, as it makes me feel better and sitting doing nothing does not help.  I am a positive person and like to remember the good times I had with him, and the joy he bought to my life.



26Nov 2017

Here is my availability for the week ahead.  On days or times where I have stated that I am not available, please dont call to book me, as if I am not available it also means I cant answer my phone.  I was inundated with calls this weekend at the exact times I stated I was not around, to take appointments for the times I said I was free.  The best thing to do is call early before 9am on those days, so that I can arrange everything.

Monday 27th – Free all day

Tuesday 28th – Free all day

Wednesday 29th – Free all day

Thursday 30th – Free all day

Friday 1st – Free all day

Saturday 2nd- Free until 6pm

Sunday 3rd – Free until 12

As always call as early as you can in the morning to get the time you want, phone on from 7am nice and early so you can call before work.



21Nov 2017

A very enjoyable few days with prolonged teasing, and cruelty, last night I had alot of fun chastising poor “S” who had his balls tortured, teased and had to lapdance for me to Brittany Spears.  It was all for my amusement. Then I promised to control his wanking for the next few days as below.  I hope it is cruel enough.

Wanking schedule

No wanking until Thursday 23rd.  Then I will allow you to edge yourself on Friday 24th, but not cum.  Allowing you to have an orgasm on Saturday 25th as a treat.

Sunday 24th-Tuesday 25th, you are allowed to edge yourself but not cum, then from 26th you can wank as normal.




19Nov 2017

Availability 20th-26th November

Monday 20th – Free all day
Tuesday 21st – Free all day
Wednesday 22nd – Free all day
Thursday 23rd – Free all day
Friday 24th – Free all day
Saturday 25th – Free early morning only, call for details.
Sunday 26th – Free late afternoon

As always my availability is good as 99% of people book me on the day. My phone is on from 7am.


12Nov 2017

My availability for the week ahead.

Monday 13th – Free all day

Tuesday 14th – Free all day

Wednesday 15th – Free all day

Thursday 16th – Free all day

Friday 17th – Free all day

Saturday 18th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 19th – Free all day

As always call on the day you want to come, 99% of my appointments are made on the day, which is why my availability is so good.

Evening appointments

I will be changing my website to reflect this, evening appointments (after 6pm) will only be available to regular clients.  Anyone new wanting to see me on an evening will have to pay a deposit.


Also, I thought I should mention this, please use a seperate phone to book me to your normal phone if you are married or have a partner, go out and buy a cheap pay as your go sim/cheap phone/old phone, and use this phone to book appointments.  I had someones wife call this week asking who I was, I claimed I was answering my husbands phone, did she want me to put him on, and she then put the phone down.  I had a very apologetic call the next day from my client, and found out his wife had got hold of his phone and googled all the numbers and found out exactly what he had been up to.  I wish this was the first time this had happened but sadly it is not, I would never confess to what I do to anyone over the phone, but if they put my number into google, up come my adverts.



05Nov 2017

Here is my availability for the upcoming week.

Monday 6th – Free all day

Tuesday 7th – Free all day

Wednesday 8th – Free all day

Thursday 9th – Free all day

Friday 10th – Free from 1pm

Saturday 11th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 12 – Free all day

As always 99% of people book me on the day, so call early to arrange, my phone is on from 7am

For anyone wanting to see me after 5.30 weekdays, the traffic during the rush hour has been terrible recently much worse than normal, what someone thinks will be a quick 45 minute drive ends up taking double that.   I have had people running extreamly late to the point of cancelling sessions as I can no longer wait.  I would rather any appointments made after 5.30 were only arranged if you are very local to me, or you have allowed double the time you think you need to get here.  Please check traffic reports before you leave, and allow plenty of extra time, or try and arrange to see me at a quieter time of day.


It was a great week, a sissy came to see me in a very lovely dress and ultra frilly pink panties with matching pink chastity device, and a present of 2 walnut whips.  She is coming along very well with her training and can now take a respectable size dildo, a higher amount of electrics, and a hard caning.  No doubt today she is looking at her stripey bum as a reminder of today.  She intends to buy a dress we both agreed on, pink pvc with satin lining, and as soon as it arrives I will be sent a picture of her in it.

I did do alot of spankings this week, it is amazing how hard I can go without marking some people and they develop a leather like skin.  Pushing people to take more and more, within limits of course.  Someone had to take 8 different pieces of equipment and 28 strokes with each, which was a bit of a push, but we did it, amazingly he only ended up with one small mark.

Someone else called me up and wanted to come and see me but his trip to the UK was cancelled, so he is going to make it another time soon, and wanted me to give him a nick name, I chose “Button Dick”, he thought that was a bit out of order, after all, he said it was a bit bigger than a button, how cheeky was that!!!!!!, his nick name will always be “Button Dick” ask me to give you a name and you take a chance, and have to live with it.

The “Man Rammer” the big black dildo with an easy grip handle also got used, I love using it just a threat sometimes too, pressing it against someones tight asshole, all lubed up ouch.  So it was a great week, and in the end I took today off, put my feet up and watched Netflix.






31Oct 2017

Availability 1st-5th November


Wednesday 1st Nov – Some availability in the afternoon, call me for details

Thursday 2nd – Free all day

Friday 3rd – Free all day

Saturday 4th – Free until 6pm

Sunday 5th – Free all day

As always as I arrange 99% of appointments on the day my availability is good, my phone is on from 7am to arrange an appointment.



27Oct 2017

A great week, in fact a great month, so many fantastic sessions.  I have had such a great time.  My new pictures are ready, and will be going up on the site soon, another below. I will be around for the whole of November so far, and will put my availability up this weekend.


I had someone visit me a couple of days ago who is desperate to have his cock sucked by another man, well when I say man, someone dressed up as a rather tarty tranny, with lovely glossy red lips.  I teased him about it all session, while I trampled on him and he worshipped my lovely thigh length boots which make me impossibly tall.  In my fantasy scenario, I imagine blindfolding someone, then they hear someone walk into the room with me, the next thing they know lips are wrapped around their cock sucking it, and they have no idea who is doing it, a man or woman.  Then of course the blindfold comes off and they get a shock, but turned on at the same time.


Plenty of spanking and strap on as usual, as well as tease sessions, dice games to see whether someone cums, has their orgasm ruined, post orgasmic torture or has to eat it.  I am so nice.