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Here is a link to the butt plug set I have told several people visiting me about. It is a really great set to start with, you can start with the small one and work your way up, the best way to get used to anal toys.  Do make sure you buy lube to […]

What a change from this time last month, it’s sunny and warm outside! I would go and sit out in it but I am waiting for a courier, and if I step into the garden for a moment, he will turn up. I have done a few tranny/sissy makeover sessions this last few days, something […]

It’s been a busy few days, lots of sessions and looking forward to May, I cant believe it’s tomorrow, lets hope it’s a nice hot month. An unbelievable thing happened yesterday which will explain why people who called me could not get through for some of yesterday.  I got a text message to my phone […]

This is my new blog, I previously used the Thumblogger site, but it went down on the 18th of April and has disappeared without a trace.  I have put a few months worth of the blogs from the old blog on here so I am not starting from scratch which is why there are lots […]

People are always struck by my height when they come to see me, 5ft9 in bare feet and over 6ft in heels, I love being taller than most of the people who come to see me, towering over them in my 5 inch heels, just makes me look more menacing, I have always had a […]

Well Easter is almost here, and I have been asked about my availability, the answer so far is every day, not being religious it is not a holiday for me. I bought a new strap-on harness this week, another one by Spare Parts from the site, I love my fabric harnesses, they are machine […]

Another fun busy week, I got thorough all my E-Stim electrodes and had to order a new batch in which arrived this morning.   I did a few Quiz sessions (general knowledge and sports) using it this week, with horrible electric shocks if you get the question wrong, problem is one person turned out to be […]

The hardest thing to do as a Mistress is trying to read what someone wants, asking for humiliation or domination can mean so many things to different people, when arranging a session it is always best to be as clear as you can, What does humiliation mean to you, being dressed up in panties and […]

Well it’s the last day of what I think is the coldest month of the year, next month is a good one for me, as Easter Sunday falls on March 31st (Chocofest as I like to call it)  I am not a religious person in any way, but I love all the chocolate eggs that […]

Well my 3 and a bit year old phone is on the way out, I was taking calls and some people sounded like they were whispering, so I am using an old phone today, and the new one will arrive tomorrow.  I only like to replace things when they die, I dont see the need […]