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This was written for someone I sessioned with yesterday, but anyone can follow it, if they are brave enough. Friday – Wank as normal Saturday – Wank once until ruined Sunday – Edge yourself 5 times, no orgasm Monday – Wank as normal Tuesday – Wank until ruined Wednesday – roll a dice 1-3 you […]

I got a lovely gift of a monster dildo, as someone ordered it and it was just too big, I got out my measuring tape and it is 12″ long and 8″ thick, I think I will use it as a novelty door stop as it’s so huge, not to mention heavy. Someone arrived with […]

Monday 4th – Free all day Tuesday 5th – Free all day Wednesday 6th – Free from 11am, If you want to see me on this day, call before 9.30 or after 10.30 Thursday 7th – Free all day Friday 8th – Free all day Saturday 9th – Free from 10.30am until 6pm Sunday 10th – Free […]

It’s all gone so quickly, now for my least favorite month of the year February, why do I hate that month so much? It’s the month mostly likely to snow, or get really cold, and have horrible weather. You cant really do much outside without wearing layers and layers of clothing. Someone told me to […]

Monday 28th – Free all day Tuesday 29th – Free all day Wednesday 30th – Free all day Thursday 31st – Free after 12 (If you want to see me on this day, please call me before 9, or after 11.30 to arrange) Friday 1st Feb – Free all day Saturday 2nd Feb – Free […]

Monday 21st – Free from 10am Tuesday 22nd – Free all day Wednesday 23rd – Free all day Thursday 24th – Free all day Friday 25th – Free all day Saturday 26th -Free until 5.30 Sunday 27th – Free all day As always my availability looks good as 99% of people book me on the […]

I have ordered a few new dildos, if anyone is brave enough to attempt them. 2 realistic King Cock ones from Love Honey, and Now get out your measuring tape, so you can visualise just how big these two are, and see if your brave enough, they should be here early next week. […]

Monday 14th – Free all day Tuesday 15th – Free all day Wednesday 16th – Free all day Thursday 17th – Free all day Friday 18th – Free all day Saturday 19th – Free until 1.30, then free from 3-5 Sunday 20th – Free all day As always my availability looks good as 99% of […]

Yet again, I am having signal problems on the 07590 number, if you cant get through on that one please use the other number 07474 945632. Also, a note on lost property, if you leave something here I dont like calling to tell you, or even texting as I dont want to risk causing anyone […]

Monday 7th – Free all day Tuesday 8th – Free all day Wednesday 9th – Free all day Thursday 10th – Free until 4 Friday 11th – Free all day Saturday 12th – Free until 6 Sunday 13th – Free all day As always call early to get the time you want, phone on from […]